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Here's s'more ...

He forgot to mention that while we were hunting for the living dead we found life, the first spring desert wild flowers!

And saw a few more critters of the hooved persuasion (mule deer).

Went through a gate past a little cow pond reservoir and scared the crap out of a huge lone Canada Goose that was hiding behind a sage brush. Got to the end of that road and we could see the north side of Stud Horse Butte, we wanted to be on the south side... So we turned around and kept on adventuring!

Riding around up over and down that butte was super fun! We were down below a ridge on some nice pumi 2 track and stopped at and intersection with some really old fence posts... Mr. Dual Sport felt that we were close to the ghost town. You know he is all touchy feely with his super natural side.

There he is totally channeling voices of the old west sprits.

Oh yeah, we're not the ghost buster after all. So we decide to go to a higher place. Not really a road to get us up there and I had a scary moment and froze up a bit but we pressed on any way!

Pretty awesome view from here but the goal is the top of Glass Butte, the tower you can see in the background to the left of my bike.

So we must bush whack further! After a sip on the old flask only a small sip of course. We intercepted a road and after a steep climb with me dumping my bike once and needing help to get on it again... Success!

Great views!

Head back down the hill to find a camp spot with both sunset and sunrise views and I fall and flail around in the snow for a bit, and then we go back to the saddle of the butte to relax and enjoy the whiskey!
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