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Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
Will be definately joining this year. Have heard anything but comments for the race / roadbook / hotels etc... They say that the place is a Rally paradise up there.

I plan to race it on a modified 640A (lighter, without the rally fairings and with a heavily modified tower. I have used both the 640 and the Berg and I have to say that after a day I may be slower on the 640 but I am more relaxed and not so tired as the bike does not jump around as much... More often than not I tend to lay the bike on its side so having to pick up the 640A does not compare with the Berg... I guess its a trade off and one has to decide how he ''approaches'' the race...


It's a plan. Although I'd still go for the lighter 450 Berg. Even if it tires you out more at the end of the day, 15 minutes in the pool fixes that real quickly, and you will feel a thousand times faster. I don't remember one Liaison where I wished I had a more comfortable bike than my ancient 520, it was like Special after Special, the connecting parts where too small to even catch your breath. Saying that, I wished I had an extra ten minutes to spare before entering a Special, the times were tight, really kept me on my toes.

The tracks I remember from last year weren't rocky at all, save for one. There was this one amazing Special on the 4th day which was a sandy mountain course of 90kms. Yup, sand and fine powder-like dirt like on a mountain. I haven't seen anything like it before anywhere else, I don't think I touched the front brake once in the whole Special. Pure bliss.

I can't wait to go back

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