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Originally Posted by enfielddnepr View Post
Love your report, the sportiness of doing it on a local(/) chinese bike.
I like your interaction with the people but there's one thing that refrains me from going to Laos and adjacent countries, and that is the well known cruelty to animals, skinning and cooking them alive, hanging dogs very slowly, frying cats alive etc.
This is often done at a roadside.
Did you encounter such a thing and how do you cope with it?
Thanks enfielddnepr I'm glad your enjoying the report...

As for the way animals can be treated out here I saw nothing apart from some bush meat for sale on the side of the road, the occasional pig slaughterer for festivals, I'm not a big fan of killing things inhumanely but these people need to eat something as they are poor, usually bush meat shot with rifles.

I think you would be Ok in Laos, China and Vietnam would be different I'm sure...I have no intentions of visiting either...

Come to Laos.....

More here..
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