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Jetting and fuel range questions

Just a few questions about jetting and fuel range... 2005 fe550 jd jet kit all per instructions using the blue needle fuel screw 2 out no leak jet or leak jet adjustment. went to northern California had my 4 gallon tank on went on a long ds ride put about 30 in town miles on the bike hit the freeway for 85-90 miles stopped to fill up before I hit the woods and put in over 3 gallons? Does this seam right I am running 15-42 on the gearing trials rear tire and front knobby. Also found on the way back that from 1/8-1/4 throttle the bike has a slight bog and even coughed while on/ off the throttle once or twice. I did change the spark plug before I left and to me it seamed a bit on the rich side. I did mess with the fuel screw a bit on the way home but it didn't seam to make a difference eaither way. I was thinking of going to the red needle sice the temps outside are coming up.

What do you guys get for rang on freeway @65?

On the trails I had pry 50-70 miles of dirt pry burnt a hair over 1 gallon.
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