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Originally Posted by RFlagg42 View Post
Look, I was just throwing the info out there as a data point that some here may be interested in.

I would argue that a 90/10 tire is a street tire. The fact of the matter is most people who own bikes that this tire is being marketed towards, ride most of their miles on pavement and ARE concerned with how many miles they are going to get before having to get new tires. The reason to get a 90/10 tire is because you would also like the tire to get reasonable traction and have reasonable turning ability when you do go off road. Having said that, I am going to choose the 90/10 tire that gives me the most confidence off road which is why I preferred Anakee 2s over Tourances.

If your primary concern is off road handling, and you don't care how many miles you are going to get out of it, then I suspect there are much better tires out there for you than the Anakee 3.
you seem to be taking my feedback of that guys review as something personal i've said against you? please do not. i was not meant as such.

thanks for the link & yes i'd like to hear more about dirt use of these tires as they are STILL listed as ADV tire not street tires.
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