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Originally Posted by panglao View Post
Thanks guys, I think the best and safest way is for me to goto the BIS when I'm next across and check with them directly to see if we can bring in a car and a bike, even if I pay extra duty and then see if it makes financial sense.

I am also visiting the consulate in san francisco this week re: visa's and will see what they say and let you know

The challenge is my bike is a 2009 G650GS, many of my accessories don't fit the new 2011+ GS or Sertao and the chances of picking up an excellent 2009 to retrofit them are slim.


This will get you some details but from what I know and have read here, BIS will confirm about all we said on this thread ...

Import Regulatory Division <> ... This is good address for the BIS office in Manila ... This is the office that tells all other offices what to do ... IE ..Bringing a bike to Cebu? The BIS office in the Manila office does the approving ... Not any local one on Cebu or anyone else.... This one cost me also ...

BIS should supply REAL import taxation costs ... I'm not sure if they (BIS) can do all the paperwork needed for Customs ... So down the line, you might need a local guy on the ground unless you can speak the language here or just wanna try to go it alone ... Knowing the real tax number will help on your cost... With all that said, someone at BIS might want to make a few pesos and do the work for you ... Many many here do whatever they can to make an extra peso ... Or they might know someone who can help.

I'd guess that bike will cost at least $3,000.00 in taxes to import here if you intend to keep it here ... Maybe more ... I'm not sure of the base cost of that bike ... If you can't pay it, don't sail it into port and then blame the Philippines for the problems that will create. There are laws here contrary to what is said about this place and again, "This is not Kansas" ...

Good luck ...
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