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With the two broken bikes we decided I was going to check for half an hour and see if I could fix mine. It looked like broken wire. In the meantime Simon would try to get to the car park or a place where we could make a call.

I checked the usual suspects around the ignition were I had trouble before and is also well known place for my bike but no luck . It was 5:50PM and figured that it would take a while to walk out. I then decided to take my tool bag, what an idiot it weights a ton.

.. aafter what seemed an eternity I (barely) made it out to the carpark and Simon wasn't there, sure enough no cell cover. It was ~7:30pm by then but not other option but to keep walking. I walked another 2-3K when Simon showed on a Quadbike

Once on the farm we made a few phone calls, the farmer had lent us the quad and allowed to use the phone. The farmer was getting on the car just when Simon walked down the driveway (they live on another house), in other words a minute later and we would have been in bigger trouble. He also offered the Quad to retreive bike next day . Simon wife took about two hours to get there, it was great to get on a car on the way home.

Retrieval part 1.
On Monday I asked a friend to help us out as I was essentially exhausted and retrieving 2 bikes seemed a very difficult tasks. We rented a trailer from the Gas station and headed over the Deer farm. We all had little experience with a quad bike. We took turns riding to collect the bikes, luckily managed to go through the gate with it and that meant putting both bikes on it was a closer possibility (if they fitted). It took a short time to get to the bikes and we were looking very positive.

Retrieval part 2.
We then loaded the bikes on the trailer, which just barely fitted.

Heading back was hard work. Had to put the bikes on and off the trailer more than five times even on water, doing a lot of pushing, moving the quad to the sides (as the trailer was not movable), town bikes with quad. After a while we managed to get to the locked gate. This time it was trickier as it wasn't as easy as to move the trailer. but then figured we could move the quad.

First accident. We moved the quad on top of Simon's foot. Not enough to stop us although it looked painful

a few tries relocating the quad saw us through the gate and now we were almost there

Second accident. Heading to the last rutted bit meters before the carpark I asked Simon to stop so we could walk, but he thought I was saying go hard as result Daniel fell off the quad and was partially ran over by the trailer. Luckily it was only a nasty bruise ...

celebration time we were out

The bikes had a real bad time on the trailer, more damage was done there than on the Cnut hill.

When I got home next day I recharged the battery and sure enough it was just drained

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