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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post

OK real big man,,,,
OBTW i answered this a few days ago but somehow it didn't post???? here goes once more...

1,,, if the oem rim =79 mm and the new rim is 4.25''/126 mm wide overall then the distance to centerline of each rim is 1/2 of the width,,,,

2,,so centerline [CL]of oem = 1/2 overall distance = 1/2 of 79mm = 39.5mm

3,,, CL of 4.25''/ 126mm = 1/2 of 126mm = 63mm

4,,, so the disc mounting surface to CL of rim = oem offest to edge =19mm + 39.5mm [edge of rim to CL = 58.5mm

5,,,NOTICE!!! the new rim's distance from edge to CL= 63 mm it is actually wider than the oem offset from disc surface to CL by 4.5mm [ ie 63mm minus 58.5 mm]

6,,, Rx= take a straight edge across new rim edge and measure 4.5mm in toward disc mount surface,,,in the oem measuerents you placed the straight edge on disc mount surface,, now ya have to use the new rims outer edge as the reference point.....

7,,,we aren't done yet,,,,please double check th eother side of rim to see that the tire will clear the chain....IMHO,,,figuring this out is the first order of business.....i assume ya did that already


Woody ,

These are the exact numbers I come up with , not exactly the same manner , but nevertheless , the same answere . 4.5mm

I even mentioned this number to the builder before I sent thim and he said no problem.

I have a few sets of this setup and sent pics with a straight edge clamped underneath each rotor sticking out to edge of hoop showing where the hub should be located and sent pics of the 1 that's not correct to compare and he still cant get it .

Chain , with this number there is no chain rub with a 150 , I would imagine if ya wanted to squeeze a 160 in you could prolly cheat the offset over 10-12 mm if the spoke drill on the rim would allow that .

Now ,

How much to move my hub over 10mm , which is what its currently out .


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