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Hey guys,
thank you for all the kind words!
So glad you enjoyed the report.

Originally Posted by superhobie View Post
I think Bartek might secretly or not so secretly have a closet small bike fetish

Great ride through some wide open country WanGan Style
Hi superhobie!
Wow, I recognize Catavina - that was only taken last year??
Smartek looks so young! He's aged a lot since he started riding with us Wans...
Sorry, Bartek.

Also - thanks for the cool WanGan style image!! Excellent job!

Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
You're setting out on another ride aren't you?
I wish!
It's a road trip, but in the truck and not for fun.

So, I forgot to mention this -
After that hard hit on the poleline road...
We still had this weird rubbing noise on the bike. It sounded like something was hitting.
Matt was worried we had bent the forks or broken the frame...
Oh, crap. We can't get a new bike every 30- 35,000 miles!
We worried about it all the way back.

But, since getting home he took a better look and seems like it was just the kickstand.
The kickstand relocator got bent back (or up and back?) and it was rubbing on the chain.
It stopped making the weird noise at least.
Hopefully that's it.
Matt hasn't had time to take the tanks off or anything.
We still could have a nasty surprise in store...

I'm starting to worry that we need to stockpile 990 frames or something.
We definitely need to keep some spare rims around.

Already, that hit gave Rade's new excel A60 some "flare" and now we owe him a rebuild.
Sorry, Radek. We'll get that taken care for you....

OK, guys - thanks again and see you around!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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