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Originally Posted by BrianTRice View Post
My 2013 Zero has a total range of 120 miles; the sport model says 130 miles and I imagine a lot of that difference amounts to tire choice and dual sport drag factors. I'll be converting to street tires after my first set of treads wear out to see.

Anyway, that won't provide a 200-mile round loop without one of the upgraded chargers, but for everyday riding it's been just fine, and freed up my ADV bike for better maintenance/babying.
Sorry to thread steal WR

Brian, is yours a DS as well ??

Thats the style Im interested in - most likely the FX or if KTM brings sumthin to the table.

For those interested in doing wheelies on an E bike - check out the vid for the KTM E Freeride. I know its not going to make my buds fear me on the moto X track, but for playing with my nephews on the smaller tracks, it would be a riot (just too expensive for a part time play bike thou) I'll stick to the DS models - suits my needs for now

Id really like to get my wife on one. Ive bought her dirt bikes, a Ninja 250, and even a Harley 883 - none of which she enjoyed due to having to shift. She rode them fine, and would get used to them, just was annoyed with shifting for some reason. I almost went the Ridley route - but then totally got away from cruiser style bikes and went DS myself. I think she would really love to ride the DS on the fire roads we have by our cabin - cant get her off my automatic ATV's - so I think the spark is there.

Id really love to hear if someone has ridden their DS on some technical trails and what their thoughts were. I know it will never be my 520 EXC - but Id love to quietly play in the woods if I could too.

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