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Cool2 Non-N00B Rally

This years N00B rally was a bit disappointing for me since I had to stay off the bike. Could not risk more injury to the knee after surgery so had to take the 4x4.

Even posted up a N00B level ride over Hunter to the crater and no takers so it was a solo drive along the planned route, worse case I was a chase truck for any groups that went over the mountain who might need help.

Sopascat decided to come along for the ride, I am sure her sides are still sore from laughing for so long.

Left her in charge of the camera (what was I thinking ) and off we went.

The drive out was pretty uneventful if not kinda boring but better than sitting at camp.

We came across a group of riders on small bikes right before you start going up into the hills below south pass.

(L18flyson -- DR350) (L18flyboy -- KLR650) - Got their names =)

They kept fiddling with the gas tanks they had strapped to the back of the DR350, I don't know how the ride panned out since we actually let them pass us then passed them again, and after that never saw em.

Afterwards we got down to hidden valley.

The guys in the camp site next to mine took my advice and did the same loop I did in the truck.

They made it..

This was the first time on a ride like this for the guy on the left, and the 990 was his first big dirt bike.

Once again if any of you guys on the 990s see this PM me your screen names so I can get this right.

Pretty much was a straight shot out from there to the crater then just took pavement back to camp. I was very surprised we did not see that many bikes out there given the time of day and the loop we took. It was fun following the 990's though hidden valley and having to wait cause they were slowing down the F150..

Other than that not much to report.

Upon arrival Friday morning there was already a lot of carnage: broken leg, injured wrist, dislocated shoulder and I think a foot injury as well

Here is the shoulder guy getting looked at:

Yes he did (LOST that is)

The rest are just random shots of the activities from the day in no particular order:

FYYFF getting the next generation ready

Jimmy doing his stuff

Teaching a N00B

The dinner tent

Lots of people

Bob as usual found hanging around with the ladies...

Got the shot

Camp for the weekend

The new fire pit was not nearly as good as the old one so will stick with the washing machine drum

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