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Originally Posted by RED CAT View Post
For posting that. Nice vid. Think I'll wait till they open the gates May 15, I think. Nice to do the whole loop. 532 down to Coleman or Highwood Junction to Coleman. Or do Dutch Creek to Coleman, if they haven't destroyed that one bridge yet. Both great fast dirt rides. Then come home on the east side of 22 up the Snake, Skyline Trail etc. All good stuff.
Thanks Red Cat, and those are going to be great runs. I also want to try pushing in west toward the mountains from that area too, find some smaller roads to explore.

Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post
The steepest hill was still to come, so it is a good thing you turned around when you did. Things will melt quickly though, even the frozen creek ford that I took pictures of was nearly clear 2 days later. I thought I saw you out past Bragg Creek on Saturday just after noon. It was an Orange and black Adventure at any rate.
I was just about to say yeah, that was me, but I went through Bragg Creek on Thursday after 532. On Saturday morning I only had a short time to ride and went to Waiparous Creek Road. I haven't seen too many orange Adventures around, but I guess there is another. Did you design the dragon decal yourself? Looks good!

Speaking of my Saturday run up 40, I was actually going to respond to Fatallybitten's socio-political comment (which btw I'd bet is because someone with pull owns land down that road...). Anyway I've been waiting for the FTR to de-ice up to Waiparous Creek Road so I could get to the Staging area on the right as you go north (Ghost I think) - I'm not 100% sure because everything looks so different there now, but it is gone, and a 4 story pile of gravel is there instead, and the other side of the road is being strip-logged. I guess this is why they have to close down the OHV areas, what a cash grab.

To continue the randomness of this post, the reason I wanted to work with the 950 Adv in that staging area was to get used to it and set up the suspension. Instead I just took a rip down Waiparous Creek Road - I guess I rode it like the XRR, bottomed out the front end and dented my rim relatively bad. Didn't notice it until I came home so probably OK to ride some more on it, but I'll be ordering a stronger one soon.
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