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I'm just another face in the crowd and don't know much about the tech, but what has bothered me in the past few years is all this tinkering of the regs, presumably to sort of level the playing field. But it also manufactures a phoney result. Both Red Bulls and Benz were slowed down to save tires and/or to conserve fuel. That last point is what, deference to the environmentalists? WTF, does two miles to the gallon instead of 1.5 really help save the planet? IMO, if one really wants to see who the best drivers are, give each one the same car, same set-up, and unlimited tires and fuel and let 'em rip. And the 'he who brings the most cash to the team gets to drive' is out of control.
Less fuel = less weight = faster car.

More math than I can handle goes into calculating how much of a fuel load a car should carry each race.

IndyCar is almost a spec series. NASCAR pretty much is too. It's expensive, but I like that F1 isn't. I like that Red Bull and Ferrari find speed in different places on a track. I like that they have separate awards for constructors and for drivers. For me, the current F1 is the best the series has been in what, 15-20 years?

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