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yz250 hubs and wheels

Hi Woody,

I have some (21/18) Aftermarket excels (8.5mm holes) for my YZ250 (2009) ready to go. I haven't bought spokes yet..

1) Can these rim's be super laced without drilling/resinking nipple seats? Visually, it looks like the nipple seats and bores can accommodate the little extra angle from the x-3.
2) If so can I buy the superlace spokes from you and build the wheels myself? (I have built a couple wheels a while ago but would really like to do it since I've got some time before the season begins)
3) My riding history says that I am not that hard on wheels so I dont think I would see the value of oversized spokes? (Would like to keep the wheels light)
4) Would you be able to quote me:
a) superlace spokes F & R if possible? or
b) 8.5mm alu nipples for the front oem spokes and 18" cross-2 spoke set for the rear?

Danny (I'm in Denver)
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