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Originally Posted by Wind_Rider View Post
Stay tuned.... I ride a lot of trails in the summer months here in Idaho so there will be a lot of updates on how my DS works in those environments and how it holds up as the season wears on.

I should mention that I live 3 miles off the highway on a steep, rough dirt road so every ride has 6 miles of dirt for me that is comparable to many fire roads. The linear power delivery and no clutch/transmission makes it really easy to ride in certain situations.
Oh, Im in !!!

Just patiently wait'n for updates

Originally Posted by Movinfr8 View Post
Ok, this may sound nutty, but can you charge while you ride? Sailboaters often charge batteries with a small, not too expensive honda ex1000 or similar generator. Could you strap one on and charge while you ride? Im sure it wouldnt provide all the power you need to run indefinitly, but it may be an interesting hybrid
Thats the kind of technology that Im depending on to make this purchase sooner.

Unfortunately the gubbermint will probably make that kind of technological advances against the law - cuz they wont be able to profit from it
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