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Originally Posted by Movinfr8 View Post
Ok, this may sound nutty, but can you charge while you ride? Sailboaters often charge batteries with a small, not too expensive honda ex1000 or similar generator. Could you strap one on and charge while you ride? Im sure it wouldnt provide all the power you need to run indefinitly, but it may be an interesting hybrid
Yes, that is an interesting idea. To break even you would probably need somewhere around a 5KW generator so that is going to pretty much double the weight of the bike and add all of the systems that EVs don't have so the math just doesn't work out to try and generate the power that the bike uses while it rolls down the road. The energy density of gasoline is really hard to match with batteries.

Ultimately, if you want to translate fuel to motion it is better to just buy a gas bike.
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