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Sometimes it's a toss up if they run best on the second or third clip. They never run best on the forth clip. Which clip it runs best on will determine your needle jet and viceversa. The needle jets effect mostly right off idle. The jet needle effects mostly low/mid rpm. I suspect you want to keep the jet needle on the second clip. What needle jet is going to work best? Just about no one figures out that jetting takes buying jets. You will just have to try them and see what works best keeping in mind that the leanest jetting that still works best is the best jetting.

Bing does not always now what they are talking about. The mains are often jetted rich from the factory. Put some 155's in it. Can't tell much difference? put some 150's in it and so on until you can tell a difference and then go back up one size. You will notice it revving much quicker IF it needed smaller mains. Remember. The leanest that works best makes most power and gets best mileage and keeps your engine running cleanest. Good luck!

They often need to be richer than stock just off idle with the needle jets and leaner than stock on the mains. Not always but there is only one way to find out!

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