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The Tunnel (continued)

So here I go once again, in search of another tunnel. Today I'm heading out into the Salmon Berry area just east of the huge metropolis of Timber Oregon. Hopefully I will find three tunnels today. One of which some of you have already been to.
It's a beautiful day out here in the Northwest.

I get to my starting point today and I came across a very nice campsite that someone's created. This site must have a fantastic sunset view.

I'm heading down into a canyon that I haven't been into in over 25 years so I don't really know what to expect. Some of my maps say that there's a road here ,,,,,,,,,, but then again some of my maps say there isn't. But that's the adventure with maps. You just never know.

Well eventually I got most of the way down to the bottom and the so-called road, ended. But wait,,,, is that trail? Well in a very short distance it became apparent I wasn't going to be able to ride the rest of the way down. Too many fallen trees and little landslides.

So it's park the bike and start hiking.

With some beautiful views along the way.

I can actually remember driving down this road. Yes this was a road.

Well at this point I'm checking my GPS and realizing that I have more than a mile to go and that the next two tunnels should be much simpler to get to. So I decided to turnaround and go back up to the bike and head over to my next destination. And along the way grabbed a few snapshots of the area.

So finally I make my way back over to the top of Beaver slide road. For anyone who hasn't been down here this is a great little road. It's about 2 miles of nonstop downhill switchbacks.

Well I finally made it to the bottom. And I'm sure some of you will recognize this tunnel. As this is one of the easiest tunnels to get to on this line.

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Well I decide to ride through it because I've heard from other ride reports that there actually is an ATV trail at the other end of this tunnel.

and sure enough just pass that pile of brush is the beginning of the trail.

And in a very short distance I come across my first bridge. In amazingly good condition.

And then just around the next corner is another bridge.

Someone had a nice little campsite in the bend of the river right there.

Well a little further down the line and,,,,, lo and behold,,,,, there's my next tunnel.

Well as I approached it was very obvious this was the end of the line for the motorcycle.

As I hike through the bushes and down to the creek,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just one more of the many reasons why I come out and do this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I hike on up the other side,. back up to the tracks.

Once again the opening to another tunnel. Ahhhh,, but this one has a surprise.

What’s that pile in the middle of the tracks? Must have come from somewhere.

You guessed it. The ceiling is caving in.

Doesn’t look that bad from this end.

And what's this,,,,,, another surprise,,,,,

And what creepy crawlers might be dwelling in this little box. Well a prudent person wouldn't even open the door. Prudent?

Well I continue on down the tracks and I come across my next surprise of the day.

A tepee? Well, kinda sort a. Someone had built a really nice little campsite.

I looked on down the tracks a little further ahead and decided enough was enough for one day. The next tunnel is over a mile up the canyon. So I decided it was time to start working my way back out. Snapping a few pictures along the way.

Well I finally made my way back to Beaver slide road and on up to the top. Then stopping to take a break I realize that it was much later than I had expected so I just hopped on fire road and headed for home.

And so ends another adventure. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure did.

"Get out and explore"
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