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Originally Posted by Steez View Post
Apparently I'm the only one, but Oklahoma was one of my favorite sections of the tat. You literally cross sooooooo many interesting environments it's unreal. Granted I grew up in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and was just stationed in California... But the fact of the matter is I loved it! The second best place, in my perception, would be the shooooooort section of New Mexico. Simply beautiful!

All in all, if you're new to the Oklahoma area, give it a shot! I was certainly not disappointed!

Like Tomski, I live in Ok but haven't done the Ok section. We hauled our bikes to the end of the panhandle and went west from there. BUT, we started at the end of August when it is 105 degrees, windy and brown. Some day I will (maybe) ride the OK section, but it will be earlier in the year when their is more green out, but then you risk hitting sticky gooey clay mud. I am not interested in that either.

Yes Oklahoma does have a lot of diversity, but i live here and have traveled through the panhandle many many many times and feel like I probably wouldn't see much new. I really liked the Utah and nevada sections. But, a lot of People who live there probably don't have much desire to ride those sections.

We all like to see something new and different.
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