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Friday morning was Ride Time, but first breakfast and a look around camp.


MapChap lead the ride, South to Bear Creek Road, then east towards Grindstone. S1Marks and OreAdvSgt rounded out the quartet. These guys can ride!!! Gotta tell ya, schooled me properly! Fast riding on skinny, sometimes rough back roads.

First three taken with the LCC.

Rest stop and potty break. Left to right, OreAdvSgt, MadChap, S1Marks.

S1 hadn’t started with a full tank, so we vectored into Paulina for fuel. I grew up not 50 miles away as the buzzard flies, but had never been here. Glad to finally see it.

Then dodging late spring snowdrifts over the road, it was east to the South Fork of the John Day River to Dayville for a very late lunch.

Old guys like me need those potty breaks!

Beautiful canyon. Never saw this before either. Shame on me.

Dayville Café; fuel for the rest of us just up the street.

Now west on US 26, a road I knew well—my commute from home to college 250 miles to the west in Eugene.

We all agreed to a stop at the Painted Hills section of the John Day Fossil beds, just west of Mitchell. I’d been to other sections but not this one. Drop dead gorgeous.

MadChap and OreAdvSgt live in the Madras vicinity, and headed north from here for more gravel. S1Marks, studly rider he is, went with them.

The old guy headed due west on US 26 over the Ochocos . . .

And back to camp; with the late lunch and a powerbar, the best dinner was wine with a single malt dessert!

I’d almost forgotten what the night sky looked like without city light pollution . . . (apologies for the graininess; even my good camera has too small a sensor to do long exposures at night very well).

Two more days to talk about later . . . .
Old . . . and . . . Slow

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