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Originally Posted by ChrisC
I'm gonna be needin' details on how well this worked out. My lard ass could use more spring rate and the damping to go with it....]
52 fork springs and 92 shock spring. I spec'd the springs a little stiffer than most. Get this... the fork spring in my bike was a 42! Super soft springs and nearly maxed out compression damping makes for a harsh ride. Like I said, I knew better and still put it off almost 3 years.
Oh yeah... one fork rebound valve/seat was seized and the other was about to fall appart. Dick said he hasn't seen a WP fork yet from the factory that didn't have something fuck'd up in it.

No Race Tech nitrogen bladder after all. They really don't make them for the Pro Link shock... just the gigantic PDS shock.
Apparently, the smaller diameter reservoir doesn't have too many piston sticking issues. He could have fit one, but am 88mm bladder in a 90mm reservoir is a little snug.
Did install a schrader valve to replace the needle valve though.

Originally Posted by ChrisC
My first real dirt bike was a 1969 Bultaco Sherpa TT bike. Complete with friction damper. Things have come a ways, eh?
I don't know... I miss carrying (and needing) around a half-dozen piston and ring sets for my Bultaco Astro.
So... how's tricks?
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