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Originally Posted by Paul_Rochdale View Post
Reading about all of these wrecked threads irritates me no end. Why don't riders read up about such things before butchering their bikes? There's endless posts about seized exhaust nuts both here and elsewhere, even videos on YouTube about how to remove them. I've two BeeEms and never had a problem with the exhaust threads. Slice the old ones off if seized, clean up the threads, Copaslip then fit new nuts. Simple.
Some things are non-obvious and you don't go researching them. Many are not mechanics and hence are insensitive to a bad thread. if it doesn't come around every so often there isn't current nfo for the newbs to see. What you don't see is the people reading ,getting it right, never posting.

I remove, clean and lube the nuts at least once a year. no problems here either. letting a connection that gets that hot sit for years is unwise.

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