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Aloha from the North Shore of Oahu, quite a contrast from the desolation of Death Valley. Had a great time hanging out with everyone and got in some great riding. Got to meet lots of new peeps.

Drove in Thursday night. My drive totally sucked, left my office in Carson at 3 and didn't get to PSR until 8:30 .... urggg. Was welcomed to camp with a fresh pour from the keg, thanks to who brought that. Also didn't have a place to crash so Finn, Nancy and Danny were nice enough to let me park in their camp site where I slept in the back of my truck.

Friday morning came quickly and my ride buddy Bill (conteacher) and I were all set to ride the Lost Tour. Bill, Danny G and I helped where we could and stayed at the back sweeping the ride.

Finn leading the group up the mountain on the way to Darwin

Up and over the mountain, everybody regrouping to start the ride up the sandwash

Out of the sandwash and the boys riding hard for Darwin

The folks in Darwin have some interesting collections

In Darwin, there were a couple of riders pretty worn out from rocky mountain road and sandwash and all were going to slab from Darwin to Olnacha Dunes. Bill and I broke off and rode over the next mountain to meet up with them again at Olancha.

We had some beautiful scenery, some nice sandy jeep tracks and got buzzed by some boys in their new F35's.

Catching up with everyone at the Dunes

From the Olancha Dunes the group was slabbing it to Ridgecrest for lunch so Bill and I jumped back on the dirt working our way to Ridgecrest to meet up again.

We jumped on the Cactus Flats trail and saw some great stuff

We found the smallest dry lake I've ever seen

Life is an adventure that requires the correct equipment

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