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Originally Posted by Paul_Rochdale View Post
... don't riders read up about such things before butchering their bikes? There's endless posts about seized exhaust nuts both here and elsewhere.....I've two BeeEms and never had a problem with the exhaust threads. Slice the old ones off if seized, clean up the threads, Copaslip then fit new nuts. Simple.

The OPs bike predates the internet by decades and from the looks of it was probably damaged long before he ever bought it.

Take a look at the pics that's probably not stripped threads you're looking at but broken loose high temp epoxy. If he cut the nut off it would probably look exactly the same.

Ultimately with any mechanical device certain problems come up, and the possible mechanical mistakes or issues involved can in fact get repeated over and over by isolated people all over the world.

I'm a new poster here but a veteran poster on other boards with other mechanical discussions.

The web is a great resource, so are these boards.

People can come here and figure out how things are done from looking at the past experiences of others, but you can't expect everyone to know what has been posted before, or essentially the boards status quo.

It's easy to say: "Why don't these people know this" when they post something that seems to have an obvious answer, but I like to keep in mind that even if it's something I've talked about a million times it is new to them.

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