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i learned it on youtube by watching martha stewart tutorials about candles

Ordered the Smooth-On 2 part platinum cure silicone, no vacuum De gassing required.
200 series mold release spray.

Ordered Poly Flex 85, 2 part urethane. The 85 is a hardness rating
Plus urethane color additive from bity rubber casting supply.

The hardest part was finding an original to make the mold, but you could do by gluing the original together, molding it, casting it In Acrylic, and then sanding and adjusting it. Fixing the the areas of cracks. Then re molding and re casting in urethane.

Used a sour cream container instead of the 4sided mold making thing. And a painted shelf board as a base.

I double side taped the original down, but I should have hot glued it or got some stickier double side instead of removable double side.
Release compound seeped under one edge, thus silicone seeped under.

Hot glued the sour cream bucket, upside down, bottom cut out, as the mold.
Filled, cure, carefully remove original without tearing mold, fill it up with urethane, repeat.

Ta-daaaa vintage yamaha snorkels now available!
If anyone needs one, I can make you one for $20(my cost about 80$ to make 4)

Next up, kick start rubber with correct original horizontal grip lines, not the vertical line repros being sold in bangkock.
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