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Originally Posted by CanadaBiker View Post
could you get a pal at a machine shop to turn the threads on a lathe and then weld the nipples on after? Heck, I turned threads on a lathe in grade 10 shop class.
Yes I think it could be done that way.

If you go the welding route (I can weld)

One way would be to weld material directly on it, build up a surface then cut the threads with a die specifically made for it, but you'd have to get your hands on a die.

Another way would be to machine the threaded portion cut it back then tig weld the threaded portion in place.

Of the two that sounds more drastic but really it's not. Building up the surface is less technical but it puts a lot more heat into the head do to a longer welding time and more heat transfer. If I was going to do that I'd Mig it with a spool gun, which is faster with less heat exchange.

I know it's designed to take a lot of heat but when working with aluminum I'm always concerned about heat transfer and potential warpage.

Tigging a threaded portion on would put less heat into the head, migging it would put even less, and I'd say it's a good option. That's why I asked if anyone had the exact specifications of the threads.

If someone could get me a section of properly threaded tubing with the right ID, I could have that welded in place and completely repaired in an hour.
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