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The ride to Chicago was a drag, I must say. I can't think of anything abou the ride other than remembering the multitudes of corn stalks.

Chicago, on the other hand, was great.

Mary from NJ had recently taken a new job and was commuting (via airplane) to Chicago every week. She was living out of a hotel until she found an apartment there. This was partly how she'd racked up all those Hilton Honors points she used to help me out with, and her employer was footing the bill. She was staying in Warrenville, and she got me my own room across the hall from her, which she insisted on even though I told her that I'd be happy to sleep on the floor.

She took me to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner - that, my friends, is what heaven wil be like. 'Nuff said.

She toured me all around Chicago the next day. I really loved the city. Probably one of my favorite "cities" I visited on the trip. Below are some photos from our wandering.

Of course we hit Lou Malnati's for lunch so I could try chicago-style pizza. Great stuff.

Mary knew I loved fish and chips, and she'd found a place the locals appeared to love in Warrenville called Two Brothers Tap House. It was really oddly placed in an industrial building, I remember, but it was great food and great local beer. I didn't get any pics but I did keep a menu.

I'd leave Chicago the next day and head for Omaha, NE. That next day would be a turning point for me on my trip and I hope I can do the day justice through my attempt at narrating it. More to come shortly.
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