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Originally Posted by Jim Day View Post
Yes but the headlight mount is part of the fairing mounting structure which is why it stays straight when you turn.

What will the bike look like? Well it will look like whatever you put on it.

I met a rider who pulled his fairing removed a bunch of stuff like the headlight and replaced them with /6 parts. Now his bike looks like a /6 a big RS logo on the engine, and it was all just sooooo wrong

No it's not, it's part/connected to the frame's steering tube. The fairing is made to come clean off with only disconnecting the upper harness quick connect. 4 bolts and the mirrors and it's off in 5 minutes.

I'm not saying it looks good, but I rode mine for 2 months without a fairing, and it was fine, the light still stays in line as it would anyway with fairing.

When someone uses the term headlight ears, they usually mean the 2 triangular pressed flaps that have bolts on each side of the headlight (right?)
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