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Northwest Weather

Several times DP asked where the rains and clouds were?

Well, when I grew up on the wet side of the Cascades in the 50's and 60's, the summer started in late June or early July.

Grandpa was a farmer and always said that if your hay was [cut] down before the 4th of July you were gonna get it wet.

Summer ran from July through (usually) mid-October-ish.

Somewhere around early November it started raining. From time to time we had some snow and the very occasional cold snap that actually iced over the small lowland lakes. Mostly it rained.

Rain continued pretty steady from November until May. Then it was showers until July.

So... any rides in the July through September months will USUALLY miss the worst of the rain. Y'all might get a thunder storm or three, but not days and weeks of incessant rain.

Growing up in the rain I had webs between my toes. It took 3 or 4 years after I went into the Navy for my body to reabsorb these bits of extraneous flesh.

Having lived the rest of my life in 'dry' climates, they've never grown back!

As we all know, we are amongst the start of some anomalous weather patterns. I cannot say with any certainty whether or not this 9 months of rain still holds true. Certainly a potential case of YMMV.

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