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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
Great report so far! I'm along for the ride.

So, whose '55 are you driving here?

It's my wife's grandpa's 55. At one time in the 90s it was the most awarded '55 in existence for closeness to original. It is nicer than stock, meaning many things are actually too perfect. Yes, they actually deducted points at some shows for that.

It had been sitting in the showroom of the shop for over 15 years prior to our wedding. My wife wanted to ride off in it, so they got it out. They spent 2 weeks getting it running correctly (had to put new pushrods in and rebuild the carb) and actually never got the brakes 100%. We rode off and took it around the block, then used it for pictures. Thankfully the brakes worked fine, but I was on pins and needles as we pulled up to the stoplight around the corner with my hand on the emergency brake. Good times.

That enough pics for ya? LOL.
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