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Wow, that's immaculate. Very nice. I'll have to show my FIL the pics next time I see him. Thanks for posting those.

I know he's been looking for that rear tire carrier for quite awhile.I think that's called a Continental tire kit? From what I understand, it wasn't a very popular option since it made it difficult to get into the trunk. Because of that - there's very few of them out there, and now everyone wants them!

Brakes? What brakes? I know the first time I drove that '55, I thought they weren't there at all. You really have to push that brake pedal HARD! I'm used to power discs on a 2000lb car - not manual drums on a 4500lb car.

So, where's the gopro video from the fender?

Alright, I'll stop hijacking and let you get back to your report!
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