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Originally Posted by cwieland View Post
I took it to the dealer the other day and the left cable adjuster was broken, hence the unrepeatability I had. They adj the TB to BMW specs. When I took it home it was still off with the harmonizer. I took it to an Indy shop and he used a Kowa Seiki vacuum gage and adjusted it spot on. But again when I took it home it still was off based on the harmonizer but not as much. At this point the bike is running great but I'm really perplexed why I'm having issues with the harmonizer.

I've got a wonderful set of Kowa Seiki vacuum gauges (I used to be a Honda dealer, and Kowa Seiki made all of Honda's "special" tools), and they have served me well over the years. Even had them calibrated a few times over the decades... And I also have a 6-gauge rack (built for CBX's) of gauges I built and kept calibrated over the years...

And neither of them ever reads the same as the other set regardless of what bike I've used them on.

Years later I bought a Twin-Max, mainly just because all the BMW crowd thought they were wonderful and I owned a BMW at the time. I used it many times, always carefully zeroing it out prior to synching with it.

And when it show the TB's spot-on I'd slap a set of the vacuum gauges on there and guess what? They'd read differently. So a couple of times I reversed the procedure, synching first with the gauges and then checking with the Twin-Max... And guess what? They'd show the TB's being "off".

Point is, it's probably not the "Harmonizer", any more than it's that gent's Kowa Seiki gauges. They're just going to show slightly different readings. Personally now when I'm doing a twin the vacuum gauges and Twin-max stay mothballed simply because the "Harmonizer" is so much faster and easier to use, which also means I'll synch more often.

If you think about it, all of these devices are going to have some variability... Ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure that day, hose length being different from one device to another, etc., etc. that it's actually hard to expect them to each back each other's readings up precisely.

For me, it's pick one and stick with it... And for right now it's the "Harmonizer".



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