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Originally Posted by Jim Day View Post
I think you misunderstood me. The headlight mount is part of the fairing mounting support structure which is connected to the steer tube, which is why it stays straight when you turn.

It's not part of the actual fairing it's part of the metal structure that the faring bolts to. At least that's the way it is on my 77 r100rs

The headlight stays straight and is little further forward then normal, the brackets or ears that hold it also have two pieces of tubing attached to them, which serve as the mounting structure for the fairing.

You can unbolt the fairing and remove it and the light stays put, but it's not a normal headlight mount.

Here's Bs bike from his post.

Though the headlight is further forward it stays with the bike.
Wow. That's about exactly how I set up my '92 R100RT. Minus the blinkers. I don't have any in front. I first did that to my R65LS in '89 I think it was. I liked the LS setup even more because I canted my speedo above/center the headlight via small tubing welded to the mount and then made a cool little cover for the back of the speedo out of sheet metal and a trick tube for the R65's speedo's canted cable mount. I had never seen even a photo of anyone else doing that at that time. A lot of people use to check it out at rallies and whatnot. The R100 instruments are too much trouble to deal with so I mounted them almost just like above on my R100.

On both bikes I welded some tubing just inside the fairing mount tubes and use them for a windshield mount. Aluminum rod bent just so to clear the bars and whatnot. A stop washer wielded on the rods to stop them in the tubes welded to the headlight mount with threaded ends so the windshield mount easily bolts on and off the headlight mount. The windshield is frame mounted. Effects handling none on either bike. Windshield on or off in minutes, the bike handles better either way for the headlight, windshield, and speedo, in case of my R65LS being frame mounted. That setup also makes the front end so much easier to work on and ESPECIALLY set up which is SUPER critical IMO. IMO, those stock headlight ears confound aligning the forks big time. The only draw back IMO is less turning radius but no less than RT's and RS's have to start with. Just less that a nakid bike with a fork mounted headlight.
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