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Originally Posted by WhicheverAnyWayCan View Post
A good excuse not to get rices thrown at you both? At my parents' wedding my cousin filled my dad's 66 296 impala with rice all the way up to top of seat and packed the exterior vent with goldfish. It took forever for my parents to get as much of rices out as possible and it did not help the crowd was throwing rices at them too. Eventually the car reek of fish it took a while to disappear.
Yeah, rice being thrown at the car would not have been considered by her family, I can assure you. They are a little uptight when it comes to vehicles. He owns about 5 or 6 1969 Camaro's, one of which is 1 of 69 ZL1 cars built. One of every 1955 Chevrolet built, also. None get driven more than 10 miles/year, some less than that in a decade.

Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
Wow, that's immaculate. Very nice. I'll have to show my FIL the pics next time I see him. Thanks for posting those.

I know he's been looking for that rear tire carrier for quite awhile.I think that's called a Continental tire kit? From what I understand, it wasn't a very popular option since it made it difficult to get into the trunk. Because of that - there's very few of them out there, and now everyone wants them!

Brakes? What brakes? I know the first time I drove that '55, I thought they weren't there at all. You really have to push that brake pedal HARD! I'm used to power discs on a 2000lb car - not manual drums on a 4500lb car.

So, where's the gopro video from the fender?

Alright, I'll stop hijacking and let you get back to your report!
Haha I know little or nothing about the car other than the distinguishing traits between it and a '56 or '57. I do know her grandpa has some NOS GM parts, like fenders and chrome kits, that are worth more than I can fathom.

I'm used to the manual brakes since I drive a 64 C10 regularly with power nothing, but it can be QUITE a surprise for those who aren't accustomed to having to push so hard!

Unfortunately I don't think the GoPro got turned on by the videographer. He didn't include any of the footage in the final video, at least.

Originally Posted by Mr Head View Post
So, when you were in Chicago, did you go through the Field Museum?
That is one of my all time favorite museums.

I had a neighbor who had a 55 drophead with a hotrodded Corvette motor. Sounded great, but it was just a car.
No, I didn't have the chance. I plan on going back the next chance I get, though, and I will definitely check it out.

Okay, I'll get back to my report momentarily. Please excuse the commercial break.
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