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Originally Posted by MOPED MEDIC View Post
Granted this is a 3 year old thread, but it keeps coming up for air.
I have been riding a Yamaha Vino 125 for the last month, and here are a couple of things I've observed.

This thing is Slooooow. Probably could be improved with lighter rollers.
Small Fuel Tank
Very low ground clearance.
Engine is harder to get at than most scooters in this displacement range.
Not a lot of aftermarket fun parts.

Solid little bike, much tighter after 5K miles than most Taiwanese scooters. Excellent fit, finish and paint quality.
Headlight is part of fairing, not handlebars, better lighting at night.
Exceedingly reliable.
Highly maneuverable.
Excellent brakes and stability while stopping.

If you like to keep things stock, want to buy once and be done with it, and want something a little bigger than a 50cc bike for runs to the store and occasionally riding around downtown with a passenger, this is an excellent choice. If you are looking for something to ride back and forth twenty miles each way to work on 55 MPH+ roads, I wouldn't recommend it.
Did I mention I have 25,000 miles on mine, mostly highway (not freeway) where the speed limits were usually 55-65? Yes I got passed by everybody. I just rode to the far right and gave them room, bicycle style.

It is a bit slower than the Zuma 125, but my biggest issue is that it won't climb. The rollers may have something to do with it. I replaced mine with stock. Not into modifying scooters. It keeps up just fine in town, maybe a tiny bit slow off the line, again the Zuma is faster.

My biggest problems with it are the tiny tank (mine runs out of gas in about 70 miles) and the really dumb fuel filler location, making the rack pretty much worthless for anything but strapping a gas jug to, which I do on a regular basis because of the small tank.

It is reliable in the extreme. In 25,000 miles, the only issue I had was the top exhaust bolt broke. Bad design. In looking at it, it was probably not originally designed that way, Yamaha likely changed the design when they added EPA emissions crap to it, without realizing how that change affected it's structural integrity. I removed the emissions crap, and modified the design. My repair has held up for over 20,000 miles. I have adjusted the valves once.

I have been riding long distances on small bikes now for over 40 years. Many believe you have to have a bike that will outrun cars or it is not safe. IMO it is not safe anyway. But it's fun. But for anybody, even those who would never consider taking a long trip on it, the Vino 125 is an absolutely perfect scooter for zipping around town, and properly maintained, might very well last a lifetime.
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