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Originally Posted by veetwo _tls View Post
KTM 950 Superenduro RalleRaid fairing.

I'm running direct off the +

GPS (switched via toggle)

2 x philips 55W 6000K HID's via marine toggle switches.

i bought the antigravity but now got this problem ?

yesterday i installed the Antigravity lithium battery & the bike fired up first hit on the starter :-) 11:50pm rode to work 6klm with 1 HID on.
but this morning at 4:30am cold start about 5 Celcius - The battery would not start it & eventually had to jump start it of a mates 4wd.
i then left work & had 1 HID on & got about 2 klm & herd a pop/crack sound like a back fire & then the light went out. i switched the other HID on & with in 20 sec same again then pulled up then bike ran bad like dying from lack of fuel poor idle & kept tweaking the throttle to keep it running until it stalled. turned key off & back on the light came on so turned the light off. tried to restart. Dead flat..

replaced with the OEM lead battery & 6am i rode to my second job (light on) with no problem & back home.

any idea what the problem with the lithium would be ?
holy smokes!

a basic test to see if your charging system is working ... take a known to be good meter like Fluke 87V. a cheapie is fine if it's been checked against a known to be good meter.

measured at battery with engine running at mid-range ... 13.8v to 14.2v is within normal range. if your reading at battery is slightly less than with nothing on. for a lead acid battery 12.85v at rest indicates a fully charged battery.

what is the resting voltage for your battery? (resting voltage is measured after battery sits overnight)

for LiFePO4 .. fully charged is 14.6v .. but operating range is 13.3v to about 12.85v (20% remaining) LiFePO4 operate within a very narrow voltage range.

mfg PB/EQ ratings are full of it ... they all do it .. it's a marketing thing. 4x 26650 LiFePO4 cells = 2.3AH actual battery. 8cell = 4.6AH .. 12cell = 6.9AH

my recommendation is to stay with AGM for extreme cold weather starts... unless you are ready to go with the largest LiFePO4 battery you can stuff into your battery holder.

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