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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
Will they be printing the road book for the roll charts?
Be aware the roadbooks are not what is commonly known in the moto world as a roll chart. Roll charts are typically narrow (~2.5" wide), while standard roadbooks are 6" wide. The sheets in the roadbook will likely be 11" long, and will need to be torn out of the book and taped or glued together end-to-end by yourself. Hopefully by next year they will be provided in rolls (for motos and single-seaters), but we'll see how that goes.

The 2013 roadbooks will look much like this one from 2011 (though cut to 6" wide):

If you're using the roadbook the whole way, it's worth getting a moto sytle motorized roadbook holder. If you're only going to use it (in a single-seater car) for the one short section where GPS tracks will not be provided, then you should be fine removing all but those 8 or so pages, and just rip each page off as you finish with it. The binding should be along the top edge. REALLY, all you need is a piece of duct tape to hold the 8 page booklet in place, and know how to reset and display the odometer in your GPS!
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