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Friday's Ride...Steele Pass Loop

Friday's ride would be my BIG ride. I've never ridden north of the hot springs and have been hearing of this big loop for years now. Jack Arthur (jarthur) is our ride coordinator and did a great job herding the cats. He split the group into two to keep us spread out better.

The day started out with a delicious breakfast and coffee courtesy of Dr. Ravera, Rich, and Diego. Thanks guys!

The line up:

Saline Valley:

Diego (perro-from-hell):

Gassing up at the hot springs. If it weren't for Johnny (jnyrav) and Pablo (espi) us FF's would never have made this long loop. Johnny and Pablo...I still owe you for fuel and a beer at the springs. Check your PM in-box.

Thanks again, Johnny!

Cheers Pablo!

For the ride up Steele Pass I mainly hung back with these cats:


We started our long journey up the wash towards Steele Pass. The temps were warm and the constant lazy-S turns in the gravel wash were tiring. The warm temperature took its toll on Diego. He had too many layers on and was overheating.

Rob (KLRrob) and Jack (jarthur) hanging back with Diego:

This wash was long and rocky:

After stripping off a few layers, we continued on and it wasn't very long until Diego went down again. This time his face smacked the side of a berm and his hand got caught between a rock and a hard place (handle bar-end). This would prove to be a bummer because Diego would not be able to hold the bars with his left hand anymore. His palm began to swell with rushing pain. There was no way he was going to continue on up the wash this way. He decided to leave the bike in the wash and hike the few miles back down to the hot springs and to Pablo's camp. Low and behold as Diego was about to start walking a group of Jeepers came rolling down the trail. They were kind enough to give Diego a ride back to Pablo's camp.

We continued on up the trail and finally made it to the top of Steele Pass:

From the top of the pass we continued on down the other side...turned the corner and BAM! The Eureka dunes!

Go Jonathan!

Silt beds near the dunes:



We finally made it back to Scotty's castle where Jim (spafxer's) daughters were providing fuel for riders passing through. Thanks for waiting for us although we were 1.5 hrs late. Met a cool cat I was BS'ing with the night before at camp central. Sorry I forgot your name. Please chime in.

KLRrob and I slabbed it back to camp while the rest took the Tea Kettle junction > Hunter Mtn route back to camp.

Another good day of riding. The day's total was 200+ miles.

Thanks to Jack (jarthur), jnyrav, espi, and all the other cool peeps on this ride. You guys rock.

Next up...Saturday's ride to the Chloride cliffs, Beatty, Titus Canyon.

As always, all my pics for this ride may be found here:
My YouTube

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