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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Is it going to be like last year Perforated ring binding
I think that's the plan, but you never know what NORRA will do!

Originally Posted by baja-chris View Post
Have you actually tried doing this without a roll chart in a racecar with no windshield at 90 mph? There is substantial wind, just like dealing with loose pieces of paper on a bike at speed. Also I'm pretty handy with the odometer reset on my gps but at race speed I will cover anywhere from 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile during the process, that is if I don't crash out while fumbling with it. Of course I could get a navigator to do it but that would take the fun out of the event and giving my wife the boot because she is not a navigator would not go over well.
It will be difficult to do 90 mph on the secret section, but I get your point about the wind. A bit more tape, on the edges, would probably do it, but you might want to test that ahead of time. I have a multi-page 8x10 paper map on my moto "dash" that catches some serious wind (sometimes 90 mph), and all I have holding it is a clipboard style spring clamp at the top and a thin short bungie across the lower half.

If you're only using the roadbook for the short "secret" section, the only time you would need to reset your GPS odometer is while you're stopped at the start of a SS, waiting for them to flag you off. Actually that's the case for the start of ALL the SS's (they all start with mile 0.00). So, you don't need to do it while moving or "at speed".

If you're using an up/down adjustable rally style odometer, and you're doing longer sections where your odometer may drift off a bit, then you may want to adjust it on the fly. The bike guys with that setup do it all day long, with thumb switches. You don't even have to take your eyes off the road.
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