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Originally Posted by veetwo _tls View Post
i been having 2 x slow trickle chargers going on the OEM battery when the bike is home.

bike at idle i'm getting 14.63V to 15.9V at the battery

resting voltage need to check later 12 midday now.just got home on the bike - i'll check before i go to work (i work 12pm to 5am & at 8am to 11:30am)
antigravity lithium is reading - resting voltage 13.11V

that's way high .. certain bikes will actually charge at higher voltage at idle. but yours is charging at too high a rate and will severely overcharge agm and LiFePO4 both. 15.9v is way too high.

what's the voltage at mid-engine rpm? too high will severely overcharge your LiFePO4 battery and could cause internal pressure safeties on cylindrical cells to pop.

here's a chart to show LiFePO4 charge state voltage

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