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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Are you sure of that? Both the LC1 and PW use a wide band oxygen sensor. Even though the afr may be different than stock, my understanding of closed loop means the oxygen sensor is in play. With a band width 5 times larger, I would expect the bike to be in closed loop more often.

The LC1 changes the actual electronic signal to the ECU from the oxygen sensor to one that results in different map signal to the injectors. The PC changes the injector signal without any changing of the oxygen sensor signal. It is an add on you dial it in.

The PC can change the signal in open loop. the LC1 relys on the ECU to adapt its own mapping in open loop based on what experience it has in closed loop.

That last statement raises a question in my mind regarding Ethanol. If an oxygen sensor can enrichen the mixture to offset the leaness caused by Ethanol and the ECU can adapt in open mode, why is it an issue?
No... I am really not.... But after reading the install manual, that was the impression I got. Perhaps I should keep my mouf shot, as I don't have any real experience with other than the PC-5. I changed the wording in my prior post, so as not to confuse anyone.

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