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Originally Posted by GSNorCal View Post
I can't imagine how much slower still the progress would be if you were drawing tulips, etc, while riding.
I'm certain I would work a LOT faster and with fewer errors when I'm in a comfortable chair on my home computer using a mouse than on a moto seat using a tablet on my bars with some other input device. And for me, I never make routes in places I've been before. It's ALWAYS new terrain, which often has fences, gates, and other unexpected stuff that blocks my planned path. If I drew the tulips while on the trail, I'd be drawing a LOT of tulips for stuff I eventually have to throw away due to route blockages. I'm sure others have their own way of making rally routes, but a tablet with a roadbook making app on my bike would be of little use for me. It sounds great, but I think in practice it would not be so good.
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