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Eastbound US 36, just east of I-71, Sunbury Ohio, last spring. 35mph zone, heavy traffic going 45-50, I am concerned with a tailgater, deputy dog stopped on the right berm is getting back in the cruiser. Then I see red and blue lights, cutting back and forth across traffic, settles in behind me, I pull over, wait with my hands on the bars, point to my helmet and say "ear plugs" when deputy dog walks up. Deputy dog is a huge Latino woman, very full of anger, and trying to imitate a Drill Instructor. Claims I was doing 48 in a 35. Demands license and insurance cards, she is barking about speed limits and my speed, and I notice three guys in a used car lot about 20 yards to our right... and they are imitating the deputy. Witnesses were a good thing right then, clowns were not. She turns hard right and barks at them, which encourages them. She repeat barks the 48 in a 35 message at me, and I calmly ask her to see her dash cam, and informed her that she was not in her car when I went by. She barked more, I think she was trying to assert authority, and I was being calm and hoping to piss her off more than a ticket would piss me off. And the clowns... kept on stoking the fire... She walks back to her car, gets in, and I shouted at the clowns to stick around in case she decides to whale on me with her club or sap or whatever. They laugh. I told the clowns she was scaring me and they laughed. I think... they were drinking...Deputy with DI delusions comes back from car, throws my license and card a me, and tells me to move out. The clowns are now encouraging her to kick my ass, and laughing, and she does a right face and starts walking tough-guy (tough -gal) style towards them. They take off in the three different directions. I did not stick around to see what happened next.
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