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Originally Posted by Zuber View Post
I never trust that a valve adjust was done unless I do it myself. I've done many, many 'second' valve adjusts after another shop charged to do the work. They were never in there, no tool marks, and the valves are all screwed up.

The O2 and SAS switches are done in Tune ECU.

Every 07/08 Adventure I've worked on, ran great after all the basics were done. The throttle was still 'sensitive' but it wasn't snatchy or had dead spots. You don't HAVE to install the Akro map. Smoothing the ign advance will take out the sensitive throttle and some of the dead spots.
Good point on the maintenance. I will check the valves.

As for adjusting the values, I feel that its "above my pay grade". I have left the world of BMW and bing cv carbs and am just learning about Fuel injection. This is a steep learning curve!!!
500cc two-strokes are effective as laxatives too.
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