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Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
am wondering how you would qualify these months on the road, as some of the most quality time you had in life or as a relief and finding yourself again, and did it help.
Hello Vic,

This adventure has been a really great experience and time for me, no question about that! Hard to compare parts of Life, as my Life with Chris (chapter 2) was great! Of course I would rather have this back, but That is not possible. So the way life has been losing Chris, allowed me to do this Chapter 3 and follow a dream for which I am also grateful.

It has been a time to just do something completely different with my life, and the people I have met and been connected with all along the journey has been amazing!! I have met friends that I will be friends the rest of my life!! I also think it has been good for my personal road through Grief. Although the hole that remains in my heart from losing Chris is still big and still hurts, I have also carried on and have seen some hope of sharing my love and life with someone else in the future. All good !

But I know that I will transition into a Chapter 4 which is yet to be determined.... Financially I will need to find meaningful work to survive, but I feel blessed to have been able to take this time and money and make this trip happen. So many people do not have this freedom and opportunity. But the entire process of caring for Chris while not working at the "height" of my career has taken a huge financial toll. Again I am so very fortunate to have been able to take care of Chris and will find work to pay for my life even it I end of working until I am way past "retirement" age. So be it!!

I will cherish these days and the adventures that I have shared !!

Thanks for asking.
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