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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
The page is too long, I dont have a place to put it where it viewable at speed. Last year I made notes and taped them on my cars visor.
You can cut each page in half, making 16 pages (more pages for longer stages). The binding may be a challenge though! That's partly why a moto roadbook holder is handy.

Originally Posted by az45 View Post
Im ok with the motorized "Road book holder" at 275.00, but Im not sure about the odometer at the same price. The switches didnt look steering wheel friendly on either part. I can use my GPS odometer, but as Chris said, you cover a fair amount of ground trying to reset it.
I don't think there is a perfect solution, but there are some ok solutions. The roadbook motor switch is just a toggle switch, up for forward and down for backwards. You don't have to hit it exactly at each intersection. Just hit it at some point between navigation points when you're a bit less busy. The roadbook window shows 3 navigation points at one time, so you actually don't have to advance it but once every 2 or 3 nav points.

The odometer is a different deal. If you do the WHOLE event using the GPS odometer, you will struggle because after a while it won’t match the roadbook. Then you’re sort of screwed as far as using the roadbook, . . . until the next reset to 0.00. To use the roadbook properly, you need an odometer that can be adjusted up or down on the fly. The GPS can’t do that. The roadbook does have the mileage between each nav point, in small print. So, you could reset to 0.00 at EVERY nav point and just use those small numbers. But that’s a real pain, and not at all recommended. If you don’t have a good roadbook holder (mechanical or human) and an adjustable odometer, your better have your GPS with tracks ready! For the SHORT secret section, your GPS odometer should not drift off much, so you should be fine there.

Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I'm not doing this for the 20 miles section, I think having the road book would be an advantage over the whole race. In a single seater, you're off the gas during any indecision which ads up over 1200 miles.
You'll have indecision moments with a roadbook too.

Originally Posted by az45 View Post
Is there a standard milage where there's a reset? I only remember a couple last year.
I think the roadbook is reset to 0.00 at the start of every Special Stage, and probably at the start of each transfer section as well. I don't recall any resets mid-stage. So, you should always be stopped at those points, making it easy to reset.

Originally Posted by baja-chris View Post
Was only going to remember the notes for the 20 mile section. Or are you saying there are 8 pages just to cover 20 miles?
The 8 pages are for the secret section ONLY. I put a few more nav points in than usual so you guys wouldn't get lost. But it's also an area with LOTS of intersections and different ways to go. So it will indeed require your full concentration.

Originally Posted by baja-chris View Post
I hope not, would be more like orienteering than motor racing. I really don't want to go rallying, I want to go racing and the NORRA stage format is fantastic as is - it's a better format than SCORE or any of the other desert series. Why on earth are they pushing this roadbook onto people who don't want it? What is wrong with it being optional? Oh well. I'm still going to have fun - in spite of the damned roadbook not because of it.
That's something I'm sure you and some others will tell Mike P. What I don't understand is why there is ZERO complaining about it on RDC? I expected a huge negative response there. What's up with that? Do they not understand what it means so they are afraid to say anything, or they don't care one way or the other, or there just aren't any of those who would care actually reading RDC?

You guys are bringing up many of the right issues, so you're going to have an advantage over all those who start to comprehend it only after they are already in Mexicali.

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
The road book is what makes it fun
It makes you think!!!!!!
This is hard to understand until you do it completely without a GPS. There's that element of unknown that I'm sure was with the original Baja racers back in the first couple of years. Once in a while you question yourself if you went the right way or not. And you use all the tools you have with you to answer that question. Half of those tools are on your dash, and half are in your brain. Putting those two sets of tools together with success gives a unique sense of satisfaction that just isn't there when you follow a line on a GPS. It's an added level of adventure, competition, and challenge.
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