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Nice report! I grew up and learned to ride in New Mexico and just love the desert. I need to get back there and revisit some of my old haunts... I have been close a few times but was kind of afraid what I might find so I didn't make the effort to go look up the old homestead. I lived in Wyoming for decades and toured the West extensively, including the Seattle - Portland area, and loved checking out all the geological features that govern the climate and ecosystem. I rode through Hood, OR one afternoon at 96 degrees and by the time I reached the Coast a couple hours later it was 50 and foggy, with me freezing my ass off. I've been to places on the Big Island of Hawaii where the climate on one side of town was a verdant rain forest and literally only a few blocks away it was a total desert. I drove back and forth marvelling at it enough times that it finally pissed my wife off. I love that stuff!

That's pretty good, The Crack In The Ground! I'm a geologist so I enjoy visiting rocks. I'll bet you guys cracked a few jokes while you were there, eh? So, was it all it was cracked up to be? You were smart to ride slowly, got to be careful riding in terrain like that or you'll fall and crack your head. The names of some of these things just cracks me up. I love the crackle of a roaring campfire after a long day of riding. That was a crackerjack of a report, brought back some good memories! Maybe I'll take a crack at another trip out that way soon, but it's a long haul from Virginia. Well, I'm supposed to be at work so I'd better get cracking!

OK, enough, sorry. No, I'm not a crack addict, just too much caffeine I think.

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