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Originally Posted by tileman View Post
gotta ask, where did you get the bender?
Same place I get my lathe, plasma cutter, mill, and any other tool that I don't use enough to justify the cost.

The maintenance shop at work! It's a great perk of the job - though I'm sure that doesn't help you out at all.

Made good progress last night despite getting a late start. Got the the tank back on and while there isn't much clearance between that throttle tube and the bottom of the tank, there is clearance. The throttle doesn't bind at all, so that's good enough for me! got the seat and all the plastics on, just gotta wrap up a few things.

Still gotta figure out how to adjust the clutch. It was slipping on me a little bit - but it seems to me it started doing that after my last oil change. So, I'll adjust the clutch first. If that doesn't take care of it, I'll wade through the billions of oil posts on this site and see if I can find whats good for the bike and change it out. I really hope I don't have to replace the actual clutch.
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