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Hope you all had a good Easter holiday! Ours was a bit busy so I'm late again with the last part of my report...

Anyway, here we go:

As mentioned, Ilse and I were not the first ones back at the pub; plenty of snow riders re-tired early - and were grateful that Scott and Emma decided to serve a warm lunch after all (WM O'Borneo and Mfredrik in particular)

Our 'Cloggies' seemed happy, too: Bert, Els, Jo, Sofie, Muug and Karin - although only two had actually done some riding...

... they all assured Timpo that they didn't regret the long journey to Wales at all!

Our numbers had dwindled further during the day and in the evening we all huddled around the one fire place having lots of inspiring conversations - here (left to right): Dr LC8, BigTrack, Possu, Robbie C and Short'n'Spikey

How many off-road gods do you need to chat up one Dirty Girl?

Having heard the sad tales of tents collapsing under heavy snowfall during the previous night, Emma and Scott mercifully let us sleep inside the pub.

Viktor Ukraine and Carl certainly appreciated the generous offer.

Possu showing off his main attraction...

Strangely enough, no one seemed eager to ride on Sunday morning... - Dirty Peet, tehdutchie, Gazz, Robbie C, Rick A, ChrisUK and Loz

Probably for the better, as all our energy was needed to get vans, bikes and trailers out of the car park

Great team work - and WM O'Borneo doing a fantastic job...

... pulling not only Bert's Ducato out!

A final push...

... and then it was just our van left

A last look at the damage

Picking up some useful Welsh vocabulary

And then we were off home...

What a fantastic weekend! I would like to echo the thanks to our Great Organiser...

... our splendid hosts at the Green Inn: Emma, Scott and Efa Mae

... and to all our Belgian friends for their generous chocolate supply - you may come again!

Thank you - hope to see you soon on the trails for some green laning...

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