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[QUOTE=BC61;21106115]Reading over the rules I noticed the timing check ins at the beginning of the day and first stage are a little different from other rallies. The example given shows the check in window during the minute prior to your actual check in time, not the minute of your check in time. Is this correct and if so why the divergence from traditional rally scoring?

From the rule book:
7.2. The size of the check in window is:
1. For the start of each day: one minute.
2. For the arrival at the first racing stage of each day: one minute.

7.3. Examples:
At the very beginning of the rally, you have an assigned time, published beforehand, to leave the ceremonial start on a transit at 7:15:00. You need to present yourself at the start between 7:14:01 and 7:15:00 to receive your time card and begin your transit at 7:15:00.

Typically the check in window would be during the minute posted 7:15:00 to 7:15:59

Same for arriving at the first race stage. Start time of 7:15:00 plus transit time of say 1 hour would traditionally put you checking in from 8:15:00 to 8:15:59. Based on the example given in the rule book I'd question if this is correct.

Maybe Anders can clarify...[/QUOTE}

As I understand it: at the start of each DAY

The one minute is pre staging
Your clock starts at 7:15.00

At 7:15.01 you are LATE! and your clock is running. and you should go to the back of the line.

Let's HOPE they STAND by this ,last Year riders would just show up when ever they wanted and jump in line .

as for the start of Race Stages , if you show up early you get time penalties added to your card
, If your late you add the Late time to your card.
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